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Vanitas Series.


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"October 16"

Entry Candy.

The installation comprised of three individual 108" x 48" iris prints on Arches archival paper. The three prints hung sid-by-side based on the date taken. This order emphasized the month-long evolution of the still-life.

Prints available for purchase. Please contact for more information.

What started out as a few tomatoes and a gourd soon grew into a spread fit for a legion of field mice. For over a month the still-life took on an active life of its own. Subtle color shifts and slight imperfections grew from vivacious succulence into a beautiful bounty of half-gnawed vegetables.

The historically based still-life, harking to vanitas, is rife with overtones of religion, sex and death. Each of the roughly 80 digital photographs that comprise the three prints bring individual depths of field and focus, reinforcing the uneasy feeling of shifting vantage points to the larger canvas.

These three specific prints capture the essence of the elapsed month and the effect of external forces.

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