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Faux CSS Borders.

Entry Candy.

Maybe its just me, but Adobe Illustrator bugs the hell out of me sometimes. With OS X and CS, ever try collapsing the menubar with a double click? Or how about a nice step and repeat?

This crazy CSS thing seems to be sticking around (imagine that) and its all the rage to add borders around images, thumbnails, divs, ad infinitum. Time to scratch that itch. Introducing faux CSS borders.

A small javascript (who knew Illustrator was javascriptable) to be:

  1. Placed in your Illustrator > Presets > Scripts folder.
  2. Restart Illustrator and select the image(s) you want a border around.
  3. Goto the File > Scripts menu and choose Faux_CSS_Borders.
  4. Style to your liking.

Ta da!

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