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"Stocking Knot"

Entry Candy.

The installation comprised of three individual 36" x 48" iris prints on Arches archival paper hung approximately 36 inches in front of the backing wall. The eighteen-foot (18 ft.) back wall was hung with two-thousand seven-hundred and twenty-eight (1,728) individual prints on newsprint. Each individual print was pinned an inch away from the wall creating a continuous air-channel behind the prints.

With each passing visitor a ripple traced across the wall behind the three large prints.

Prints available for purchase. Please contact for more information.

As opposed to many classical forms of artwork, these mathematically inspired renderings created with only the finite quality of a line, lack much of the contextual baggage that can be associated with the aforemtnioned works.

Forms draw from nature, the Fibinachi series for example, where structures such as seashells and sunflowers exhibit an unrivaled mathematical exactness. Each rendition conveys a unique sense of space and tip-of-the-tongue recognizability. They seem common yet so elusive, and hence unceremoniously christened "Hairballs." The alternating patterns of slim lines, voids, and fills created an outlet to explore the space of two-dimensional paper.

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